Addicted to Buffy

This is where I put all my favourite quotes from all of the seasons, they are in no particular order, apart from characters, enjoy! =)


Xander: Behold the beauty that is now. Who's with me?
Buffy: Actually, he's making sense. We're young and free in America. How dare we be spun by love, or the lack of same?
Willow: Absolutely. It's self-indulgent. I'm in. I'm on the joy train.
Buffy: That didn't work. Who wants chocolate?

Willow: How come you didn't tell me I look like a crazy birthday cake in this shirt?
Buffy: I thought that was the point.
-Beer Bad

Buffy: I'm suffering the afterness of a bad night of... badness.
Willow: You didn't. Not with Parker again.
Buffy: No. with four really smart guys.
Willow: Four? Oh... ow. Oh, Buffy, are you OK? Do you want to talk about it?
Buffy: I went to see Xander. Then I saw Parker. Then came... beer.
Willow: And then group sex?
Buffy: Pffft... gutterface. No! Just lots and lots of beer.
-Beer Bad

Glory: "You lost your hammer, Sweetcheeks. What're you gonna hit me with now?"
(wrecking ball comes through wall and into her)
Buffy: "Whatever's handy."
-The Gift

Customer: I need something for a prosperity spell. I heard you have it? A mummy hand?
Buffy: Ah, yeah. I saw one downstairs. It's kinda hairy though, maybe it was a daddy hand. (Waits for a reaction)...I'll just get it.

Buffy: This is my first big loan. ... Collateral? No problem. ... No problem. ... No problem. ... I love that tie. ... I'm a problem solver. ... Let's crunch those numbers! ... Stupid skirt.
-Flooded Willow

Giles: Why should someone want to harm Cordelia?
Willow: Maybe because they met her? Did I say that?

Buffy: I know that you were worried about me, but...
Willow: No! I don't just mean that. I mean, my life! You know? I, um... I'm having all sorts of... I'm dating, I'm having serious dating with a *werewolf*, a-and I'm studying witchcraft and killing vampires, and I didn't have anyone to talk to about all this scary life stuff. And you were my best friend.
-Dead Man's Party

Buffy: Gentleman of leisure? Isn't that just British for unemployed? Willow: Uh-huh. He's a slacker now.

Willow: Buffy wouldn't just take off. That's just not in her nature. Except for that one time she disappeared for several months and changed her name, but there were circumstances then.
-The Freshman

Willow: Toenails?
Buffy: Evil toenails. I took them off the floor last night when she was in the bathroom. She thought I was asleep.
Willow: Good thinking. 'Cause in the middle of the night, those toenails could have attacked you and left little half-moon marks all over your body.
-Living Conditions

Anya: "Here to help! Wanna live!"
Xander: "Smart chicks are so hot!"
Willow: "You couldn't have figured that out in 10th grade?"
-The Gift

Willow:I worship Beelzebub! I do his bidding! Do you see any goats around? No! Beacuse I sacrifice them all! All bow before Satan!
Mrs Rosenberg:Willow, please, I'm not l istening to this
Willow: Prince of night, I summon you! Come fill me with your black, naughty evil!

Willow: But no, they're like, "Oh, we're not gonna give you money unless you prove you don't need it." I mean, what kind of system is that?

Riley: So what do I do?
Willow: Ask her to dance.
Riley: Right, dance. Wait, no.
Willow: What's the matter?
Riley: I can't dance.
Willow: Then, talk. Keep eye contact. Funny is good, but don't be glib. And remember, if you hurt her, I will beat you to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend. Have fun!
-The Initiative

Willow: You know, I'm wondering something about you.
Willow:Just how gullible do you think I am? I mean, with your gentle eyes, and your shy smile, and your ability to talk openly only to me. You're unbelievable.
-Beer Bad

Willow: "I'm pregnant by my step-brother, who'd rather be with my best friend, and he's left me with no place to live, no food except for this bottle of Wild Turkey which I drank all up. 9pause) That was me being tanked and friendless for ya." Xander: "Gets my Oscar nod."
-Beer bad


Cordelia: I bet you'd let a girl go off to her doom all by herself
Xander: Not just any girl. You're special

Xander: And they burst in, rescuing us, without even knocking? I mean, this is really all their fault.
Buffy: Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic.
Xander: Mine is much more advanced.


Spike: "Uh, when you say you love us all...?"
Giles & Xander: "Shut up."
-The Gift

Xander:Hey, I happen to be....
Spike: ... a glorified bricklayer?
Xander:I'm also a swell bowler.
Anya:Has his own shoes!
Spike:The gods themselves do tremble.


Anya: "God! Who would put something like that there! Is this supposed to be some sort of sick joke? As if things aren't bad enough!... This is an omen." (picks up toy bunny)
Xander: "Sshhh."
Anya: "No, no, no, it's an omen. It's a higher power telling me through bunnies that we're all gonna die!"
-The Gift

Anya: Did I look like that? I hope I didn't look like that.
Willow: No, I'm sure you looked really glamorous cutting up your face.

Anya: I know how! Um, if... if you want to pay... uh... every bill here, and every bill coming, and have enough to start a nice college fund for Dawn? Start charging!
Buffy: For what?
Anya: For slaying vampires! You're providing a valuable service to the whole community! I say: Cash in!
Buffy: Well, That's an idea....You would have....Any other suggestions?


Xander: Excuse me? Who made you the boss of the group?
Anya: You did.
Tara: You said "Willow should be boss".
Anya: And then you said "let's vote" and it was unanimous.
Tara: And then you made her this plaque that said "Boss of Us" and you put little sparkles on it.


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Quote from Passion

Angel: Passion…. It lies in all of us, sleeping, waiting and though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us, guides us. Passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have?